Art Therapy For Self Healing

Art Therapy For Self Healing

Art Therapy For Self Healing




  • No previous experience necessary
  • Suitable for all levels - even beginners
  • Diploma course
  • Become fully accredited with the CPD Standards Agency
  • Gain 10 hours of CPD / CE Credit
  • 80 Lessons
  • 104 Download resources
  • Tutor support 365 days
  • Exclusive interactive sharing gallery
  • Fully accessible on mobile and tablet devices
  • Study at a time that suits you


Who is this course for:

  • People wanting an introduction to art therapy
  • For those people who would like to use the creative process for self-expression
  • Developing the self using the medium of art
  • Self-discovery and self-healing
  • Enjoyment and recreation
  • Can be used for family bonding exercises
  • People wanting to build their confidence and self-esteem


As well as individuals, the course can also be used by existing counsellors and therapists who may wish to further their learning and add to their existing practice by incorporating new techniques

This course is the perfect introduction to therapeutic art and understanding how we can use the creative process for many areas of self-development, improvement and healing.

As well as a self help model, it can also be used in a therapeutic setting by professionals, such as counsellors and support workers, wishing to integrate art therapy techniques into their client work.

On completion of the course, students will receive three professional certificates. These include a fully accredited diploma, full accreditation with the CPD Standards Agency and the addition of 10 hours of credit.

Although the course has a focus on healing and well-being, it can also be enjoyed as a recreational pursuit, affording relaxation and a means to de-stress.

Here are just some of the things the course can help with:

  • Improve confidence and self-esteem
  • Acceptance and exploration of Self
  • Explore issues surrounding identity
  • Illness and trauma
  • Expression and communication skills
  • Improve relationships and build family bonds
  • Use art for recreation and enjoyment

The course will allow you to experience many different forms of therapeutic art as you unlock your creativity and find your inner strengths.

It covers the importance of learning to enjoy the creative process without self-judgement. You'll learn how to appreciate being in the moment with your art and developing your acceptance of self.

Each exercise and technique is followed by examples of how I use them with my clients in my own practice, so that you have a better understanding of the practical application of each.

You will love the simplicity and ease of learning how to incorporate art therapy into your everyday life in order to promote health and well-being.

The course is comprehensive covering a range of fun activities, including creating your own emotions wheel, Zentangles, Zendoodles and Mandalas.

We'll look at how you can explore your deeper feelings while using music as an aid to your creative flow and learn how doodle for better focus and concentration.

We'll also be covering the basics of colour psychology and how you can use these principles in your therapeutic journey.

The course has over 100 downloadable resources for you to enjoy, including making your own affirmation cards and using the medium of creative writing for journaling and ways to heal.


Materials Needed

All you need is an internet connection to get started. In terms of art supplies, we recommend basic materials such as paper, pencils and pens etc. It isn’t necessary to invest in expensive equipment to get the full benefit from the course.

Duration: Lifetime Membership
Price: $79.00

Course Syllabus:

  1. Introduction To The Course
  2. Exploring Your Body State
  3. Bonus Lectures
  4. Student Perspective By Riana
  5. Student Perspective By Janis
  6. Exploring Body States With My Clients
  7. Zentangles
  8. Exploring Zentangles With My Clients
  9. Mandalas
  10. Exploring Mandalas With My Clients
  11. Looking at Zendalas
  12. Using Vision Boards
  13. Exploring Vision Boards With My Clients
  14. An Exploration of Your Deeper Feelings
  15. Exploring Deeper Feelings With My Clients
  16. Understanding Colour Psychology
  17. Exploring Colour Psychology With My Clients
  18. Making Your Own Colour Wheel
  19. Exploring The Colour Wheel With My Clients
  20. Making An Emotions Wheel
  21. Exploring Emotion Wheels With My Clients
  22. Maslow and The Hierarchy of Needs
  23. Exploring Maslow With My Clients
  24. Your Own Kingdom
  25. Exploring Creating A Kingdom With My Clients
  26. A Brief Intro To Doodle Art
  27. Exploring The Use of Doodle Art With My Clients
  28. Where To Begin With Doodle Art
  29. Doodling For Help With Memory
  30. Foundation Level of Doodling
  31. Mindfulness and Doodling
  32. Next Level of Doodling
  33. Doodling For Pleasure and Relaxation
  34. Self Exploration and The Therapeutic Process
  35. Creating Your Very Own Superhero
  36. Exploring Superheroes With My Clients
  37. Writing Yourself A Therapeutic Postcard
  38. Exploring Therapeutic Postcards With My Clients
  39. Using Scribble Art To De-Stress
  40. Using Spontaneous Images
  41. Exploring The Use of Spontaneous Images With My Clients
  42. The Value of Affirmation Cards
  43. Sending Yourself a Love Letter
  44. Exploring The Use of Love Letters My Clients
  45. The Value of Painting Your Emotions
  46. Exploring Painting Emotions With My Clients
  47. Creating A Grateful Mandala
  48. Using Art Journals
  49. Exploring The Use of Art Journals With My Clients
  50. Expressing Pain With Writing
  51. Create A Therapeutic Teapot
  52. Creating A Well Being and Gratitude Jar
  53. Self Portraits
  54. Exploring The Use of Self Portraits With My Clients
  55. Our Inner/Outer Selves
  56. Exploring Inner/Outer Selves With My Clients
  57. Find Out What is Stopping You
  58. Self Healing Images
  59. Exploring Using Self Healing Images With My Clients
  60. Creating A Therapeutic Comic Strip
  61. Exploring The Use of Comics Strips With My Clients
  62. How To Use Meditative Painting
  63. Making An About You Cube
  64. Creative Writing To Your Younger Self
  65. Exploring Writing With My Clients
  66. Recreational Drawing Using Pen/ and Ink
  67. Using Pencils For Still Life Drawing
  68. Drawing Classical Still Life
  69. Drawing Contours
  70. Creating Family Bonds Using Therapeutic Art
  71. How To Access Your Inner Child
  72. Exploring Accessing Your Inner Child With My Clients
  73. Face Paints - Creating A Clown
  74. Face Paints - Creating A Tiger
  75. Using String and Chalk
  76. Fabrics and Therapeutic Art
  77. Working With Clay
  78. Creating A Piñata
  79. Exploring Creative Writing For Therapeutic Benefit


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