Art Therapy For Self Exploration

Art Therapy For Self Exploration

Art Therapy For Self Exploration




  • No previous experience necessary
  • Suitable for all levels - even beginners
  • Diploma course
  • Become fully accredited with the CPD Standards Agency
  • Gain 10 hours of CPD / CE Credit
  • 62 Lessons
  • 121 Download resources
  • Unparalleled tutor support 365 days
  • Exclusive interactive sharing gallery
  • Fully accessible on mobile and tablet devices
  • Self-paced so you can study at a time that suits you 

Who is this course for:

  • Beating mental blocks and boosting your creativity levels
  • People wanting to explore therapeutic art for relaxation and recreation
  • Those wishing to discover the many facets of their personality
  • For existing counsellors, therapists and other practitioners, who wish to further their learning and add to their existing practice by incorporating new techniques
  • Those who would like to explore the self-healing properties of the creative process and creating art without judgment and being critical
  • People wanting to use therapeutic art for working and supporting other people
  • Those wishing to broaden their knowledge around basic art techniques


This course is perfect if you're new to the world of art therapy and are wanting a more recreational introduction to the subject.



The lessons in the course have been carefully created so that you can experience and enjoy making art as a creative process, rather than focussing on the level of your artistic skill, without being pressured to produce a perfect end result.

I've chosen specific exercises and activities that will help build your confidence when working creatively.

On completion of the course, students will receive three professional certificates. These include a fully accredited diploma, full accreditation with the CPD Standards Agency and the addition of 10 hours of credit.

Here’s just some of the things the course can help with:

  • Gain confidence and esteem through the medium of expression
  • Lower anxiety and stress levels through active meditation
  • Learn how to use art for the purpose and benefit of health and well-being
  • An introduction to basic drawing skills
  • Gain an understanding of the many art mediums, tools and materials
  • Learning to work using metaphors
  • Heal yourself through creativity

This course focuses on using art and the creative process not only as a healing model but also embraces the pure pleasure that creating art brings us as a means of recreation.

The syllabus is varied and covers a wonderful array of topics. We'll be learning how to make your own mind maps, explore the benefits of intuitive painting, poetry, and seeing how digital art can help express ourselves in this modern age.

For those people who may not have picked up a pencil since school, we'll be looking at ways you can easily master basic drawing skills, including creating your own shading guide, shading techniques and 3D sketching.

Of course, as with my other courses, we'll be enjoying the classics, such a pattern drawing, understanding colour and composition, as well as creating your very own family tree.

The course is suitable for everyone and something you can enjoy either alone, or in group settings, including family bonding or working in the role of supporting others.

I'll show you how you can really benefit from active meditation, and how much sharper your focus and concentration becomes from just a few minutes, of colouring-in.

The course will provide you with endless resources to really indulge your creative side (even if you believe you haven't got one!). As I tell my own clients, we each have a creative side, some of us just need time to nurture it, and that's just what I'll help you to do.

Materials Needed

All you need is an internet connection to get started. In terms of art supplies, we recommend basic materials such as paper, pencils and pens etc. It isn’t necessary to invest in expensive equipment to get full benefit from the course.

Duration: Lifetime Membership
Price: $79.00

Course Syllabus:

  1. Introduction To The Course
  2. Looking at pattern drawing
  3. What is art therapy
  4. How can art help us
  5. What's in your heart
  6. Introduction to materials for drawing
  7. Understanding Value
  8. Create your own shading guide
  9. Techniques for learning to shade using pencil
  10. Drawing perspective
  11. Self portraits
  12. Drawing hats
  13. Principle of 3D
  14. Drawing 3D spheres
  15. Drawing a 3D cube
  16. Drawing with children
  17. More drawing with children
  18. Exercises to improve your drawing skills
  19. Using watercolours
  20. Beating mental blocks
  21. Easy steps to refine your drawing
  22. Using acrylic paint
  23. Stippling techniques
  24. Practice your stippling
  25. An introduction to abstract
  26. Zentangles
  27. Intuitive art
  28. Tips to get started with intuitive painting
  29. Painting in a natural wat
  30. Drawing with music
  31. Mandalas
  32. Colouring for enjoyment
  33. Colouring-in for adults
  34. Paisley painting
  35. Colour psychology
  36. Your ideal home
  37. What scares you?
  38. The valley of life
  39. What animal would you be?
  40. Your interpretation of a masterpiece
  41. Beyond your comfort limit
  42. Drawing yourself as a tree
  43. Line art
  44. Painting your timeline
  45. Using your body as a blank canvas
  46. Painting a window
  47. Hand lettering
  48. Creating collages
  49. Cartoon animals
  50. Silencing your inner most critic
  51. Ways to combat negative thinking
  52. Mind maps
  53. Introduction to mindfulness
  54. Easy guide to poetry
  55. Metaphors
  56. Family trees
  57. A forgiveness box
  58. Planning a balloon release
  59. Paparazzi
  60. Digital creations
  61. Create your own font

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