Art Therapy For A Greater Understanding Of The Self

Art Therapy For A Greater Understanding Of The Self

Art Therapy For A Greater Understanding Of The Self




  • No previous experience necessary
  • Suitable for all levels - even beginners
  • Diploma course
  • Become fully accredited with the CPD Standards Agency 
  • Gain 10 hours of CPD / CE Credit
  • 139 Lessons
  • 116 Download resources
  • Tutor support 365 days
  • Exclusive interactive sharing gallery
  • Eligible to join the Arts Therapy Association on completion
  • Fully accessible on mobile and tablet devices too
  • Study at a time that suits you


Who is this course for:

  • People wanting to use art therapy for the purpose of self-healing and discovery
  • For those people wishing to train in using therapeutic art and art therapy techniques to help support others
  • For existing counsellors and therapists, who may wish to further their learning and add to their existing practice by incorporating new techniques



Art Therapy For Greater Understanding of The Self

Through the application of its lessons, this course will allow the student to fully explore and uncover their true “Self”.

As well as a self-help model, it can also be used in a therapeutic setting by professionals, such as counsellors and support workers, wishing to integrate art therapy techniques into their client work.

On completion of the course, students will receive three professional certificates.  These include a fully accredited diploma, full accreditation with the CPD Standards Agency and the addition of 10 hours of credit.

The course can be used for specific areas of self-development as well as for the purpose of recreation and enjoyment.


Here are just some of the things the course can help with:

  • Improve confidence and self esteem
  • Acceptance and exploration of Self
  • Explore issues surrounding identity
  • Illness and trauma
  • Expression and communication skills

The course is focused on the benefits of the creative process rather than the end result and encourages the student to be expressive without fear of judgement.  

The course feature real-life students’ artwork, who have interpreted the lessons in their own unique way, choosing the materials and style of art that called was personal to them.  The result is a hugely rich tapestry of incredible art, created by students from all walks of life, spanning some 192 countries.

Through the students’ interpretations, you will see examples of the lessons come to life in the form of mixed media, abstract, photography, poetry, clay and many more besides.

Working through the lessons, you’ll learn about the Ancient philosophical concepts surrounding the idea of Self, as well as the more modern philosophers and their beliefs as to what constitutes the Self. 

This includes looking at the work of Socrates, Plato, Rene Descartes, John Locke, David Hume, Heinz Kohut, Donald Winnicott, Eric Berne, and Jung.

We’ll look closely at both nature and nurture and how they impact on the Self, as well as social and peer influences.

The course also covers issues around introspection and self-perception and how we can work towards a greater acceptance of the Self for a happier, healthier version of who we are.

We spend some time understanding personality through the use of colour and colour psychology, and as we progress through the course, we’ll start to look at the big questions of life, including pre-life, death and spirituality.  We’ll also be studying the role of memories in creating who we are today.


Next we’ll be considering digital art and exploring the value it has on creativity and communication.

Zentangles, Mandalas and even Zendoodles, can be easily incorporated into our daily life to bring us some much needed relaxation and in the course, we’ll be doing exactly that.  We’ll also be looking at the history, context and the many uses that these art therapy techniques can afford us.


Materials Needed

All you need is an internet connection to get started.  In terms of art supplies, we recommend basic materials such as paper, pencils and pens etc.  It isn’t necessary to invest in expensive equipment to get full benefit from the course.

Duration: Lifetime Membership
Price: $79.00

Course Syllabus:

  1. Introduction To The Course
  2. Using Art Therapy To Understand the Self
  3. The Self According To Ancient Philosophy
  4. Broken Connection
  5. Entry and Expansion
  6. Gentle Beginnings, Learning & Forgetting
  7. Foetus
  8. Seven Years Old
  9. Socratic Philosophical Concepts Surrounding The “Self”
  10. Caging The Beast
  11. The “Selves” That I Am
  12. New Energy
  13. Plato’s Understanding of the “Self”
  14. Love The Meaning of Love
  15. Self Portrait
  16. The “Self” As Told By Rene Descartes
  17. The Playground of Mind and Beyond
  18. Outside of The “Self
  19. Carefree Me
  20. The “Self” As Told By David Hume and John Locke
  21. Who Am I
  22. Coming In and Out of Form
  23. Experiencing Harmonious Colour in All and Nothing
  24. Sense of Spirit
  25. Psychologically Constructing The “Self”
  26. With Flying Colours
  27. Being Present
  28. The Importance of Social and Peer Influences
  29. Here, Now and Always
  30. Expectation of Reality of Differences
  31. Understanding The “Self” As Told By Heinz Kohut
  32. The Daughter of The Cosmos
  33. Elizukileyo - The Grand
  34. The “Self” As Told By Donald Winnicott
  35. The “Self” By Julia Stueber
  36. Me, Myself and I
  37. The “Self” As Told By Eric Berne
  38. Old Oak Tree
  39. Inside My Heart
  40. Integrity
  41. Jung and The Ego
  42. Exploring Jung By Kate Woodley Smith
  43. Afire Beneath
  44. Memories and Their Role
  45. I Can’t Remember Anymore
  46. Memory and The “Self”
  47. Introducing Tony Wright
  48. Group Piece By Bamburgh School
  49. Accepting The Self
  50. Balancing Act
  51. Self Knowledge and Self Concepts
  52. I, Me, Myself
  53. Self Perception and Social Comparison
  54. Inner Workings
  55. Life At 54
  56. Memories Brewing Over Cold Tea
  57. Transcending The Darkness
  58. The Need To Know Our Own Self
  59. I Find My Light
  60. Agent Self
  61. One Person, Many Hats
  62. Facets Of All Selves
  63. Influences On The Self and Understanding Them
  64. Vitality
  65. The Workings of Colour Psychology
  66. Connection With The Unknown
  67. Energy and Colour
  68. The Field
  69. Personality and Colour
  70. The Joy of Life
  71. Self Reflection
  72. Personality and Colour
  73. Anger
  74. What’s In My Heart
  75. Gentle Dreams
  76. More on Personality and Colour
  77. Beautiful and Strong
  78. Deconstructed Phoenix
  79. Everything From The Harvest
  80. Final Lecture on Personality and Colour
  81. Blue Becomes You
  82. Understanding Why We Like Things
  83. Colour: The Affects System
  84. Exploring Life
  85. The Sky’s The Limit
  86. Where There is Darkness, There is Light
  87. Pre-Life
  88. Tree of Life
  89. Spiral Soul
  90. Island in The Sky
  91. Exploring Digital Art
  92. Water Nymph, Guardian of Life
  93. Margaret
  94. A Phoenix is Rising- A Reflection of The Self
  95. My Self By Kati Cowan
  96. Communication, Creativity and Identity
  97. Me. Framed
  98. Self Worth Portrait
  99. My Selfie
  100. Yourself In A New Light
  101. Pieces of Me
  102. The Context of Creation
  103. Trust The Process
  104. Circle
  105. Beneath The Waves
  106. Understanding Zentangles
  107. The Healing Hug
  108. Zendoodles
  109. Two Fish In The Sea
  110. Looking For Something
  111. Mandalas
  112. Time Of Our Life
  113. Colouring Mandalas
  114. Look Up, Look Down, Take It All In
  115. New Life
  116. Exploring and Understanding Your Mandala
  117. The World In Your Hands
  118. Connections and Perceptions
  119. What The World Sees
  120. Break Through To The Other Side
  121. Seeing You
  122. The Mad Puppy
  123. Amnesia 1967
  124. Different Perspectives
  125. A Modern View of Self
  126. Yogi
  127. Moments in Time
  128. Mindful Art Spill
  129. Grateful
  130. The Influences of Marketing on The Self
  131. Material Thoughts
  132. Fashionista
  133. Introduction To The Final Section
  134. “I Am Committed To….
  135. Coffee Fox
  136. Mahina
  137. Photography And The Self
  138. The Self And Mixed Media
  139. Poetry

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