Art Therapy - A Students Perspective

Art Therapy - A Students Perspective

Art Therapy - A Students Perspective




  • No previous experience necessary
  • Suitable for all levels - even beginners
  • Diploma course
  • Become fully accredited with the CPD Standards Agency
  • Gain 10 hours of CPD / CE Credit
  • 70 Lessons
  • 69 Download resources
  • Unparalleled tutor support 365 days
  • Exclusive interactive sharing gallery
  • Fully accessible on mobile and tablet devices too
  • Self-paced so you can study at a time that suits you 

Who is this course for:

  • Those wishing to gain more confidence in expressing themselves through the medium of art
  • People wanting to learn more about the therapeutic process through others' work
  • Beating mental blocks and boosting your creativity levels
  • Those wishing to discover additional facets of their personality
  • For existing counsellors, therapists and other practitioners, who wish to further their learning and add to their existing practice by incorporating new techniques
  • Those who would like to explore the self-healing properties of the creative process and creating art without judgment


Art Therapy - A Student Perspective

This course offers an insight to the many layers of art therapy and how differently we can interpret its practical application as well as its theoretical framework The lectures in the course feature a compilation of stunning artwork, created by more than sixty of my very own students, representing all four corners of the globe. Each student was given a lecture to complete, that corresponded to specific exercises taught in my very first art therapy course: Art Therapy For Self Healing. The brief was simple; they should use the mediums of their choice and create in a way that speaks to them and represents where they are on their healing journey. The result was an incredible collection of breathtaking creations, that underpins the very essence of artistic freedom and expression and demonstrates how truly unique we are as individuals. You will be both inspired and motivated!


On completion of the course, students will receive three professional certificates. These include a fully accredited diploma, full accreditation with the CPD Standards Agency and the addition of 10 hours of credit.


Here’s just some of the things the course can help with:

  • Learn how to create art and value your creativity in a non-judgemental environment
  • Empower yourself and your clients using a range of techniques
  • Build relationships through better communication and understanding
  • Learn how to use art for the purpose and benefit of health and well-being
  • Use the creative process for self-acceptance and progression
  • Freeing your mind to think and feel in a creative way
  • Develop your self-confidence and esteem
  • See the world through new eyes!


The course focuses on the wonderment of being able to experience art from the perspective of someone else's interpretation. You'll get to see examples of how it feels to live in someone's shoes for a special moment in time, created through the medium of art.


It features the very personal stories of my volunteer students, both joyful and poignant. Their beautiful work, which has been created using traditional art supplies such as pen and pencil, as well as photography, digital, fabric, pottery, abstract, watercolours, and the written word. You'll see how people have used the exercises to help address many different issues and emotional challenges, including trauma, illness and bereavement.

As well as a model of inspiration for self-advancement, the course is perfect for health professionals who want to use the diversity of art as a therapeutic tool. As well as counsellors and health professionals, art therapy techniques are now being used by many different individuals in a variety of settings, including support workers, teachers, youth leaders and parents. Being able to facilitate art in this way means that a great many more people can benefit from the creative journey and is currently being embraced across schools, prisons, hospitals and rehabilitation centres. This course will allow you to develop and nurture your skills, as you learn how to assist others in the healing process.

Discover how to manage emotions and feelings in a positive way, while facilitating profound positive change in both you and your clients. The course will help you grow as a person and as a professional, building on your confidence and self esteem. We'll be looking at how you can use specific exercises and tools to help others address unresolved issues, emotional challenges, and gain autonomy. The course covers specific areas dealing with managing loss, trauma, bereavement and illness. We'll even be looking at how you can use these methods when working with children.The syllabus is both varied and comprehensive and includes the input of real-life students and their own experiences of using art while helping others to heal.


Materials Needed

All you need is an internet connection to get started. In terms of art supplies, we recommend basic materials such as paper, pencils and pens etc. It isn’t necessary to invest in expensive equipment to get full benefit from the course.

Duration: Lifetime Membership
Price: $79.00

Course Syllabus:

  1. Introduction to the course
  2. Creating a zendala by Venetia
  3. My mandala by Naudia
  4. Angela's emotion wheel
  5. What's stopping me - by Kim
  6. Self Body by Riana
  7. Writing myself a love letter by Karen
  8. Gratitude by Dena
  9. Painitng my emotions by Kathy
  10. Good well being by Rachel
  11. My family's a kingdom by Kristal
  12. Maslow's hierarchy by Christy
  13. My inner and outer selves by Cheryl
  14. Self body using watercolours by Janis
  15. Creating my colour wheel by Stephanie
  16. Using fabric by Gaze
  17. Affirmations by Christina
  18. My superhero by Rochelle
  19. A comic strip by Adrijana
  20. Writing to my pain by Daleen
  21. Exploring my colour wheel by Marie
  22. A fairytale by Jaxi
  23. Looking at art journaling by Louise
  24. Creating a gratitude jar by Smitha
  25. Writing a healing postcard by Jodee
  26. Spontaneous Image Diary by Gergana
  27. Working with ink and string by Jennene
  28. My work on zentangles by Camy
  29. How I explored my deeper feelings by Cristi
  30. Affirmations by Laura
  31. Still life by Adriana
  32. My me cube by Hritika
  33. Chalk and string bu Kate
  34. Inside and out by Alice
  35. Therapeutic art using fabric by Georgina
  36. Creating doodle art by Annette
  37. Painting my emotions by Cindy
  38. Zendoodle art by Jacqui
  39. Scribble drawing by Christine
  40. Creative writing by Jasmin
  41. Zentangles by Hrnakshi
  42. Pen and ink by Rekha
  43. Soothing images by Cindy
  44. Aestheometry by Fern
  45. My Zentangle by Judy
  46. Accessing my inner child by Neha
  47. Me, as a tree by Janet
  48. Image diary by Desiree
  49. Making my pinata by Marihet
  50. How I use contour drawing by Rebecca
  51. Using ink by Yvonne
  52. My letter of love by Christina
  53. Inner child by Gina
  54. Journaling by Jen
  55. Poetry by Jaxy
  56. Creating my ultimate superhero by Ruth
  57. Scribbling by Anthony
  58. Working with clay by Dawn
  59. Visions boards by Margie
  60. Emotional painting by Tara
  61. Writing to my younger self by Sally
  62. How I use Art Journaling by Christine
  63. My Pinata by Susan
  64. Gratitude in a jar by Nanette
  65. Mandalas by Judi
  66. Pyramid of needs by Heather
  67. Exploring feelings and the inner child by Volk
  68. Thankful Mandala by Suzy
  69. My vision by Panjah

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