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- Catherine T

I think being able to show one’s own interpretation of various lectures within this course is a wonderful way of letting new students know that they don’t need to be very talented just open to the idea of trying new techniques and express what comes from within. 5-star-rating


- Volk M

An excellent, easy to understand course that I could fit in to my life when I had free time. Although an art course, I found I did not need to buy any fancy materials to complete the exercises and had most items at home already! A lovely teacher with interesting, engaging lectures, have already recommended Udemy and Libby to friends. 5-star-rating


- Dolly R

The activities were relevant and practical, explanation was great and connection to benefits and the right set of audience was very useful. Quite a few of the activities were very profound yet seemingly simple tools towards self realisation. Instructor structured the course very well and explained the concepts exceptionally well. Amongst all the things I learned the loved these the most : vision board, emotional colour wheel and Zendalas (order+chaos) - although all the activities were awesome! There could be a better and more detailed explanation for the last module of family exercises - which I found slightly fading in comparison in impact compared to all the-receding modules. Overall, a fabulous course which takes you on a journey self discovery and healing. Awesome!!! 5-star-rating


- Michelle S

I think, as this course says, it is good for self healing. However, it's also good for gathering ideas that can be used to help others. As you work through these creative ideas yourself, you build an arsenal of simple and effective healing ideas to pass on, which is one of my reasons for doing the course. 5-star-rating


- Rachel J

I've really enjoyed this course. It has given me so many ideas to support my professional practise as well as my self development. I would recommend highly. 5-star-rating


- Mona K

I really love the course and looking forward to do some more. There are so many ideas that I have now after finishing the course and I really like Libby´s calm voice explaining how to work with clients.
It was a pleasure to listen and to try some of the exercises. I will do another course right away. 5-star-rating


- Judith H

Thank you for this very clear and well-structured course. I did not know what to expect before I started, but I was pleased to find that it offered a wide range of hands-on exercises that can be instantly used on myself or others while every exercise was followed by a clear explanation of how, when it should be used. I like that I can do the course at my own pace, and that is how I did it, bit by bit on my way, driving - so not only it was useful but it was entertaining me as a travel companion. I am now going to continue on the next course. 5-star-rating


- Joy C

The course is going very well and I'm getting a lot of great ideas in conducting group sessions. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone. The only reason I gave 4 stars, is that I have not taken the other courses I've already signed up for under this instructor. I have no other art therapy courses to relate it to at this point, but the system offered an opportunity to rate, so I have. I guess I am relating it to other corporate training courses I have taken and conducted, so, again, I think the content is very valuable in today's work environment and in relating to individuals with concerns about depression, anxiety, self-confidence, etc. 5-star-rating


- Kimi T

Very interesting course and covers helpful steps to assist others, particularly those who find it difficult to express their circumstances and emotions verbally.
Knowledgeable and creative instructor who strives at all times to give 100%. 5-star-rating


- Adriana U

What an awesome course! Presentations are colourful and easy to understand too. There are just wonderful and fun exercises in the course, and I recommend you do each one of them during the course. Practice makes perfect! Thank you, Libby! 5-star-rating


- Eleanor B

Very comprehensive and engaging. This course provides a wealth of information that is delivered clearly. The course is split up into many sections so you can work through everything bit by bit or pick and choose what lessons interests you most. I thoroughly enjoyed this course would highly recommend it to anyone interested in the subject. 5-star-rating