Reading Auras

Learning to read Auras can help you to better understand your own current state, and that of others. However, it is not a quick process, and some people, those who are more in tune with their energies, will find it much simpler than others.

However, with practice you can learn to see the colour that surrounds you, and to understand what areas of your life may need work, in order to get a better balance between mind, body and spirit. As we explored in the resources

to these lectures, your Aura not only changes colour, but also changes in relation to the vibrancy and placement of the colours. One of the best places to start when you want to learn to read Auras is with vibrancy and frequency.

Feeling the energy

To take this approach find a quiet space, and allow yourself to become still. Close your eyes and breath deeply. Invite the colours of your Aura to wash over you. Notice the differences in how your mind and body feel. You may see or sense different colours during this time, or you may just feel subtle changes in your state. Once you become accustomed to this, moving onto the next stage is much easier.

The next step is to become more aware of how you feel in the presence of another individual’s energy or Aura. Does being in their presence make you feel loved and cherished, or do you feel drained after you have been around them. Don’t over examine the situation, go with your gut, or unconscious mind. These initial instincts are rarely wrong in these types of situations (or more generally in life).

Now you know how the energy feels, it is time to try to see that energy. The key point to understand is that it is rare to see an Aura with your direct vision. One of the reasons for this is that your brain tends to get in the way. It is busy trying to process everything you see and filters out information that it does not see as relevant to your current state of being, or your survival. It is your peripheral vision that detects those elements that are beyond normal sight.

The importance of peripheral vision

Developing your peripheral vision takes time but it can be done. Start by gazing at one spot for 30-60 second and allow your gaze to soften. As you do this take note of the objects that are just outside of your direct sight. Don’t worry if you don’t see anything to begin with. The more you stress about seeing, the less you will see as the brain will take over as it senses your increased anxiety. And, remember to breath why trying this exercise.

When you are ready, it is time to move onto looking at the energy of objects. That may sound strange, but even inanimate objects vibrate with energy. Using a neural colour room, or at least a wall, tape or stick blocks of colour to the wall. Now use the peripheral vision exercise to see the colours at the edge of the blocks or objects. Once you have practiced this with single colours try multicolour blocks, and see how the colours at the edge of your vision shimmer and change.

Honing your skills

Your next challenge is to use these technique on living things – beginning with plants. Once comfortable you can then try this on yourself, using the same principles, and looking in a mirror. It is important that the mirror reflects your head, shoulders and chest, as this is where the most prominent colours will show. Us a mirror in a neutrally coloured room and resist the temptation to stand too close or to focus on a specific feature of your body. Try to focus just past your physical self – one place to focus is just past the join between your next and shoulder.

When you are ready to try your new-found skills and gift on other people, it is key that you have their permission. Again, you need a neutral colour wall; as the individual to stand against it, and stand about 18 inches in front of them. As when doing this with yourself, focus around the individual rather than direction on them. As your gaze softens you should not only see the colours, but also feel the energy.

You may not want to go as far as reading other people; it can open up a host of problems, particularly if they don’t like or believe what you see and feel. For the purposes of self-healing, you can stop at seeing and understanding your own Aura.

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