Understanding Auras

Bodies and colour in other cultures – understanding auras

There are many ways to understand and explain our relationship with colour and the affect it has on use on a physical, emotional and psychological level.

However, in many traditions colour also has a spiritual dimension, allowing use to see beyond the obvious and even connect to the infinite or a higher power. This state or being has many names, but for the purposes of this blog I refer to it as the infinite; each of

you can then put this into the context of your own belief system or understanding of the world.

What is an aura?

Humans are connected beings, we exist within a framework of connections that affect and influence our decisions and actions. These connections include family, friends, pets, colleagues, the natural world, our things, and for some the infinite. How we act and react within these connection affects the energy that surrounds us, and our aura is a visual representation of that energy.

An aura can be understood as a subtle, luminous radiation that surrounds each person; extending outwards from the physical body. Connected to the electromagnetic field that is produced by the body, auras offer a visual measure of an individual’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state.

Colour intensity and auras

Auras not only change in colour but also in intensity depending on the state of the individual. A strong, glowing aura is an indication of joy and vitality, while a dull or contracted aura may be present during times of sadness, or mental or physical ill health. You will find a hand out detailing the different aura colours and their meanings in the resources section.

One of the most important things to remember when it comes to auras is that you can affect the colour of your aura, and those of others. In just the same way that thinking positively can put you in a good mood, or a simply smile can become infectious, understanding the root causes of how you feel, and addressing issues, can improve the colour and intensity of your aura.

The importance of your aura

Within traditions and world views that take this approach to the energy we emanate, improving the aura, has a knock-on effect to the world around you. So, if you can see the good in your life, and improve your energy, then you are more likely to be surrounded by positivity, and have more to be grateful for. Of course, this sounds much simpler than it actually is, but the truth of the fundamental principle is often seen when we take the negative route.

If you are feeling under the weather, the chances are you will focus on the negative – how much your head hurts, your blocked sinuses, aches, pains etc. This is a perfectly normal human response to feeling below par. But, when you focus on these elements, you are also more likely to focus on, and attract other negative energies. You may be so busy focusing on all the things you still have to do while feeling like this, that you burn the toast, this puts you in an even worse mood, which in turn effects your concentration even more. Before you know it, you have split the milk, dropped your breakfast, tripped over the dog, and are consequently late for work. This may be an extreme start to a morning, but we have all been there to some extent.

How different could your morning, and the energy you emanated have been if you sat quietly before getting up and looked for the positives – the bits that don’t hurt, the people who love you, the party you are looking forward to, or even just the fact that it is only X number of days until the weekend.

Knowing you emanate energy, and that the energy has a colour that is determined by your state, is great, but how do you see that colour in yourself and others, and what can you do with this information to support your wellbeing, and that of others around you?



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